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Training your dog is an important process that every parent should look forward to - no matter their age, breed size or temperament. From puppies to adults, the possibilities of what you and your dog can achieve together are endless! The benefits are immeasurable and your relationship, irreplaceable.


No matter what type of training you are looking for, we supply the knowledge and will provide you with the skills to unleash you and your dog's greatest potential. Your dog will acquire the confidence, social etiquette and desired behaviors necessary to be fulfilled in life. The timing is always right to begin your training journey! We offer puppy training, basic obedience, behavior modification, private sessions, in-home and group sessions, indoor and outdoor classes, pack walks and personalized playgroups for dogs who need a more structured and intimate daycare experience.

Our trainer, Shawna Duffy, began her career in 2011, when she was inspired by Dog Behavior within the doggy daycare industry. She began her own training program in 2016 after years of volunteering with shelters, apprenticing with local trainers and completing Dr. Ian Dunbar's Dog Training Academy. She has dedicated the past 10 years to providing people with the education, guidance and tools they need to create harmony among dogs and their families.


Check out Shawna's Youtube Channel

  • Check out Shawna's YouTube Channel!

A message from Shawna:

"My philosophy on training is that the collaborative effort between you and your dog is ultimately what creates and maintains everlasting results. This teamwork is built on communication, trust and a continuous commitment that grows stronger over the course of your dog's life.


My goal as a dog trainer is to educate and inspire those who want to understand canine behavior, in order to create a life with their dog that is rewarding, fulfilling and beneficial to both dog and owner. I encourage you to take that first step with me and embrace everything that your dog has to offer"

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