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1-7 nights: $66/night

Contact us for longer stays


North Shore Dog is now staffed 24/7! Your dog will spend the night snuggled up with a staff member they know and love*


We understand that boarding can be an anxious situation for both you and your pet. You’re uncomfortable leaving them and they wish they could stay with you. Let us ease both of your worries.

Unlike a traditional kennel, your pet’s boarding stay will be filled with loads of playtime and personal attention. That’s because your dog will spend their days in one of our playrooms with the daycare crowd. Our goal is to provide healthy exercise during the day, so that your dog will sleep comfortably at night. Even after the daycare dogs leave, playtime for boarding dogs continues until 9 PM.

All you need to supply is your dog's food and any medication they may need. Dogs are welcome to sleep in our staff bed, our daycare beds or a crate if they prefer. We also supply their blankets. If needed, we can provide Fromm Classic meals for $5/day. 

When you're missing your pup don't forget to check in on them through our Webcams.

*Cageless boarding will be allowed at management's discretion. Some dogs may still be crated for the safety of staff and other dogs. When less than 3 dogs are boarding, they may lodge at owner's home where the room layout is similar to North Shore Dog.

Chihuahua Bath

all boarding stays over 5 nights will receive a free departure bath!*

* Complimentary baths may not be done during peak season/holidays due to the high volume of boarding pets.

north shore dog add-on menu
Surprise your pup with some fun extras to make their stay even more enjoyable! 

Home visits ($25)
Got a pup who isn't the ideal candidate for daycare? Going out for a few hours and need a pet sitter your pup is familiar with? Or just need a quick potty break instead of daycare? We can do walks, backyard playtime, feedings and more. Just let us know!

sniffari ($18/each -or- 2/$30)
a 15-20 minute leash walk to give your dog some fresh air, outdoor sniffs & a change of scenery
mini sniffari ($15/each -or- 2/$25)
a 5-10 minute leash walk to give your dog some fresh air, outdoor sniffs & a change of scenery
Stuffed Kong ($5)
Peanut butter stuffed Kong with crumbled dog cookies. Yum!
doggy ice cream ($5)
A cool creamy treat. several different flavors are available!
bully stick ($5)
Dogs love chewing on these delicious treats made from beef muscle
puzzle game ($5)
For the dog who likes brain games. These puzzles challenge them to sniff out treats Or we can set up a hide & seek course on an empty play floor.

training sessions are not available at this time


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CAt boarding
1-7 nights: $35/night
Contact us for longer stays

Many dogs have feline siblings who need a place to stay when family goes away. That's why we now offer boarding for cats!

Your cat will stay in their very own dedicated room, away from the dogs, full of cat trees to climb, cozy beds to nap in, and toys to play with. Plus lots of pets and cuddles from our staff!

We require you to bring enough food and litter for the duration of your cat's stay. You are welcome to bring kitty's favorite bedding or anything else that may make their stay more comfortable.

Proof of vaccinations for Rabies & FVRCP are required

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